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Why you should order aerial shooting from us?

5 advantages that help you make the right choice:

  1. Affordable cost
  2. Professionalism of specialists
  3. Prompt execution of orders.
  4. Performance of work of any level of complexity.
  5. Great experience, convincing portfolio and positive customer reviews

Aerial video 6K RAW

Aerial video allows you to create stunning shots and panoramic video with large-scale objects. Perfectly complementing the script of any video, it makes the audience full participants in the event.

Shooting from the air has a number of undoubted advantages. The first is a realistic transfer of the scale of the picture. It makes your video more meaningful and informative, making the film bright and rich. In addition, this shooting fills the frames with aesthetic sense. Shooting on the move, interesting angles, grandiose panoramas - aerial shooting has many tricks that will give your corporate film epicism and completeness.

Aerial photography

This type of photography has the same advantages and characteristics as aerial video is a convenient and professional tool for obtaining high-quality and most complete information. Photographing objects and territories can be made from very different heights - from tens to thousands of meters. This service is very popular in such areas as the sale of real estate and land, the production of promotional products, security activities, the design of architectural objects, cartography and geoinformatics.

Our company performs all types of aerial photography using modern professional technology - panoramic, perspective, planned surveying of territories and real estate, and so on. All unmanned aerial vehicles are officially registered.


Photogrammetry is a technology that allows you to determine the shapes, sizes, positions and other characteristics of objects by their photographic images. Photogrammetric methods are widely used for building maps and terrain models, in design and engineering, for measuring the spatial dimensions of buildings and structures, in shipbuilding, geology, medicine, criminology, micro-measurements, and many other areas. If you need to order photogrammetry, with the help of our specialists you will receive consistently high-quality results in an agreed time frame.

Aerial shooting 360

Shooting panoramic video from a bird's eye view is becoming increasingly popular due to the spread of unmanned aerial vehicles. Aerial shooting 360 creates impressive frames with large-scale objects, making the movie or video bright and complete, and the audience - participants in the event itself. A realistic picture, interesting angles, stunning panoramas, dynamic shots, a sense of flight and a huge range of possibilities are virtually unparalleled. However, only professional equipment and first-class specialists can ensure its high quality.

Typically, aerial shooting 360 is ordered for:

  • shooting of construction objects;
  • promotional videos;
  • wedding videos;
  • feature films;
  • presentations;
  • Internet resources;
  • online broadcasts;

Our team of professionals is ready to aerial shooting 360 at any time of the day and under almost any weather conditions. We do not just shoot the video - we own the art of aerial shooting 360 in full scope.

IR shooting

The feature of photos taken in IR is the inability to predict the result in advance. The technique is pre-tuned to the infrared range of radiation, the wavelength of which ranges from 750 nm (the human eye is able to see a light beam up to 740 nm long). Objects that can absorb radiation will have a dark shade in the photo. Objects, "repulsive" radiation, on the contrary, become light. Today, from a purely technical, applied area, infrared photography has entered the world and artistic photography - with its help you can get incredible beauty of unique pictures that are not similar to anything else.