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Touch panel. Advantages and options of use

Advertising and marketing markets are flourishing nowadays. There are quite a few incentives for growth, including the emergence of fundamentally new, high-tech tools and solutions. Consumers are involved in the advertising process and become full participants in stocks, videos, movies and other content. By the advertised product can literally "touch", which causes genuine interest and, accordingly, sales growth.

One of these tools is the so-called "touch panel" (from the English touch - "touch"). With the help of touch panels you can conduct individual consultations and reduce the number of personnel or the load on it. The client can easily, in a matter of minutes, independently find the information he needs - detailed and attractively arranged. Moreover, the touch panel is not only an information carrier, but also an independent advertising object that attracts the attention of the audience.

Touch panels can be used as follows:

  • on territory of exhibition pavilions;
  • inside office building;
  • on territory of shopping center;
  • at public events;
  • on urban infrastructure

Exhibition panels

Company participating in exhibitions solves several problems at the same time. The first is to present their own goods or services in most attractive way. The second is to generate interest among the target audience and find new customers and business partners. To consult each visitor of the company’s stand, a large staff of specialists and an appropriate budget will be required.

These costs can be avoided by using the display touch panel. You can integrate any multimedia materials into it. For example, to demonstrate the new developments of your specialists, or to show the results of the implementation of several orders. This will allow the client to quickly form a positive opinion about your products and services. Also in the touch panel you can download official documents - licenses, certificates of conformity, operating instructions, specifications and so on.

Office panels

Dozens and sometimes hundreds of clients and partners visit the office during the day. A large company needs to allocate substantial funds for the maintenance of staff informing visitors. Sometimes the client finds it difficult to formulate a specific question, or does not know how to do it correctly. In all these cases, the office panel will be the optimal solution for most issues and tasks.

The appearance of the office panel can be styled to the corporate style of the company, as well as the main menu. Thanks to an intuitive interface, anyone can use it. The office panel will successfully replace the consultant who answers the most common questions.

The benefit to everyone is obvious: customers save time by avoiding queues; office personnel can do other work; the company saves money on personnel maintenance.

Shopping center panels

The shopping center is not only a sales ground, but a large advertising point, a source of marketing opportunities. Its visitors spend a lot of time searching for individual stores, cafes, services, as well as certain models of goods, their sizes and modifications; or just spend free time here.

The touch panel can inform visitors of the shopping center about new stores, offers, discounts, promotions and services. In addition, the panel is an advertising medium, and can post information to third-party partners.

The panel interface can be adapted to the corporate style of the company or brand.

We also render services of touch panel installation. For maximum effect, you should install it in the place of maximum concentration of visitors.

Public events panels

Mass events are an ideal environment for promoting products and services. Sports competitions, festivals, concerts, forums, flash mobs, rallies - there are many options for them, and the number of visitors can exceed tens of thousands. It is noteworthy that the participants of the events can not only study the information, but also enter personal data using the virtual keyboard, which is indispensable for the formation of a client database. In addition to advertising, you can download event rules, site layout, etc. to the touch panel.

Urban functionalities panels

City infrastructure is one of the most sought-after areas of touch panel use. They can be installed at airports, railway stations, stadiums, medical and administrative institutions, cultural centers, hotels, parks, squares, in places where tourists gather, etc. The devices help to indicate navigation, navigate in space, make an appointment, find out news and information about goods and services, see maps of the interior of buildings, get acquainted with the sights and learn other useful information. The use of touch panels - ease of use, high image quality and viewing angle, durable material, convenient and intuitive menu - help to make visits to urban sites convenient and comfortable for citizens.

How to order?

To place an order, define the model of touch panel, depending on its characteristics and your needs. We are ready to advise you on any issues - technical, organizational and other; and also make installation and setup of the touch panel. All models are warranted by the manufacturer.