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When it comes to shooting events, you should not save on quality. The best solution would be an invitation to shoot an established team of operators working in the same style and understanding each other well. Such a team works in our company. For over 15 years we have been providing services for shooting, editing and post-production of any video production from events. Our credo is a creative approach, efficiency and full understanding with each client. We produce bright, emotional, informative films that distinguish you from competitors, form a powerful image and help promote your business.


Video filming of conferences, symposia, seminars, public meetings, trainings is another service that we are justly proud of. From the usual work on all quality standards to large-scale video filming simultaneously with several cameras, with the installation and output of video on the air - our capabilities allow you to do any work for you. We can also provide online broadcasting on the Internet - in case you want to share your event with the widest audience.


Shooting tournaments and golf championships. Shooting a game of golf, like other sports, has its own specifics - it is important to capture not only the facts of the blows, but also the emotions of the players. In this we are trusted by prestigious foreign and Russian clubs and championships. We have repeatedly shot golf tournaments in Morocco and in Moscow - for example, the Mayor’s Cup commissioned video filming and editing of the storyline to our studio. Together with the organizers of golf events we carry out an important mission - we will popularize this noble sport and, thanks to the entertainment of the video sequence, attract new players and young people to it.


Participation in exhibitions is one of the conditions for the success of a modern company.

Video for exhibitions is an excellent media tool that allows your business to speak the same language with the target audience.

It will draw attention to the stand of your company, help you find new partners, customers and form a positive image.

Team building

Video filming of team building events is an important link in building quality relationships within the company. Each participant can evaluate from the side both the work of the whole team and himself, his role and position in corporate relations. This work is quite complicated, as it provides not only professionalism, but also tact of the operator or photographer. We guarantee an individual approach and complete understanding with the team. The result - a video that gives a complete picture of the team and ... a lot of shots full of sincere humor!

Live broadcasts

Live broadcast – top performance of cameramen and directors work. Streaming video through specialized services is broadcast online. It is very important to avoid mistakes, because the possibility of re-installation is excluded.

We have more than enough experience in live broadcasts. Highly qualified specialists will analyze your personal requirements and offer the best options for video conferencing. We will also help you choose the equipment for the highest quality image transmission and at any convenient time for you are ready to provide individual advice and answer all questions.

For example, live broadcasts are used:

  • Internet channels whose main purpose is to stream video platforms - for example, RuTube, YouTube and so on;
  • Companies that conduct business negotiations with partners from their own offices, without the ability to leave the territory;
  • Government agencies that need the prompt communication with representatives from the regions.