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• VR 360 technology expands your capabilities at trade shows, presentations, exhibits and conferences. The demonstration of goods in the virtual reality mode has enormous advantages - you can examine in detail a much larger number of exhibits and evaluate their technical characteristics. The viewing of VR content is in itself a wonderful and exciting exercise with the effect of total immersion: the viewer has the impression that he personally participates in the current event. He can also choose his own perspective, study previously unknown details and fully enjoy the entertainment of three-dimensional images.

• The most popular Internet resources (for example, YouTube and Facebook) have already created technical capabilities for hosting and viewing VR video, so that soon you will be able to share it with the widest audience; besides, the demand for VR content is constantly growing.

Gigapanorama shooting

Unlike conventional panorama, gigapanorama shooting is characterized by high image detail. With its help, you can consider the smallest details - as a rule, such a survey is carried out for large or, conversely, for small objects. It is worth noting that this type of shooting requires special professionalism - this is a really delicate work that we can perform perfectly. Do you still have any questions? We will be happy to answer even the most complex ones.

Augmented Reality

• Interest in augmented reality technology is constantly growing due to the wide distribution of special glasses. In contrast to the virtual, augmented reality combines the real world and the virtual details imposed on it. The technology is used in different areas - in architecture, design, education, medicine, construction; in the design of industrial facilities and urban infrastructure. And, of course, augmented reality has gained particular popularity in the gaming and leisure areas.

Our specialists have sufficient experience in the production of augmented reality images. If you want to demonstrate your product or service in nonstandard way, then perhaps augmented reality will be an excellent option.